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The World According to San Francisco

Courtesy of my gentle reader, JC, a moment of levity (click to enlarge): As an Aussie born and bred, I take umbrage at my homeland being represented by a beer as mediocre as Fosters, but at least we’re on the … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup Revisited: What Shape Will the Recovery Take?

Back in the still-uncertain days of September 09, every market pundit had his or her own letter for what shape the recovery would take. I blogged about Ben Bernanke‘s “U,” Liz Ann Sonders‘ “V,” and Nouriel Roubini‘s “W” here. Though … Continue reading

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Case-Shiller Sounds a Cautiously Positive Note

Last week, Case-Shiller released January data for its closely watched national housing index.  Nationally, things are looking up – well, make that flat.  And that’s good news. In the wonderfully backward language of the report, the index’s year over year … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2009: Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Less than two months into the new year and a brand new decade and already 2009 may seem as far away as a bad dream – assuming you still have a job. It’s hard to remember just how close to … Continue reading

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New Year’s Greetings

Another glorious winter’s day in San Francisco.  My family and I biked over the GG Bridge to Sausalito and then took the ferry back to Fisherman’s Wharf. Thirty-five years in this town and I’ve only done that ride twice.   The … Continue reading

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The Worst May Be Over According to Big Brain, Ken Rosen

Ken Rosen, Chair of the Fisher School For Urban Economics over at UC Berkeley, has good news for San Francisco home owners.  “The recent rise in home prices and sales activity lead us to believe that the worst part of … Continue reading

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Surprise! Condos are Holding Up Better Than Homes

For the quarter century (gulp!) that I’ve been involved in real estate, the conventional wisdom has always been that condo values generally do worse in down markets than homes.  Why?  To be honest, I’m not sure, but I think it’s … Continue reading

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Are San Francisco Home Values Rotten to the “Core”?

Not long ago I did a guest post at The Front Steps in which I showed that city-wide home prices had fallen back to November 2003 levels. Here’s the chart. That prompted some discussion about whether the results would be … Continue reading

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SF Home Prices at 2003 Levels

Sorry, folks, but it’s that bad — or good, depending on your perspective. I tracked average and median prices going back to 2000 for the ten combined MLS districts that comprise the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service — the big … Continue reading

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DOM Roll Please

A couple of posts ago, we dispensed with Absorption Rate as a good barometer of the market since there appeared to be no correlation between how much inventory was available in relation to sales rates and where median prices were … Continue reading

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