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With Facebook Not Looking So Good, Is the Bloom Off the Rose in San Francisco’s Residential Home Market

My wife likes to remind me that I always seem to think that the stock market is heading down.  Though I don’t generally think of myself as a half empty kind of guy, there may be some truth to the … Continue reading

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Rent or Buy: The Best Calculator

A belated Happy New Year everyone.  One of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more frequently.  I love blogging about real estate!  I just need to get faster at it.  This can be a challenge if you care about … Continue reading

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

In an article entitled Great Time to Buy (Famous Last Words), last Sunday’s New York Times took a swipe at perennially optimistic real estate agents who have never seen a time that wasn’t a good time to buy a house.  … Continue reading

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A Faltering Housing Market?

George may have left office a year ago, but there appears to be a growing consensus that the likely shape of the recovery will be a “W.”  How appropriate, if you believe that we are reaping the bitter fruit of … Continue reading

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Fears of a New Chill In Home Sales

That was the title of an October 27 article in the New York Times, and, as one of my readers and clients pointed out, it’s what I’ve been tentatively suggesting as a possible scenario for this winter. See here, for … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s time to buy that first house….

That’s what New York Times journalist Ron Lieber discusses in Saturday’s Business Section.  You can find a copy of the article here.  Of course, nobody really knows where the real estate market is headed but Lieber suggests that now could … Continue reading

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