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A Faltering Housing Market?

George may have left office a year ago, but there appears to be a growing consensus that the likely shape of the recovery will be a “W.”  How appropriate, if you believe that we are reaping the bitter fruit of … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup: What Shape Will the Recovery Take?

On the anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ demise and the near-collapse of global markets, it seems appropriate to take a step back from our little corner of heaven for a wider view. Given where we were a year ago, the world … Continue reading

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More Grim News on Housing

Saturday’s NY Times proclaims “A Gloomy Outlook for Home Sales’ Big Season.” The headliner, by the way, was “Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of U.S. Economy.” Is it really any wonder we have difficulty sleeping a’ nights? Here are … Continue reading

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On the Economic Front, A Rare Voice of Optimism

It’s hard to find much cause for hope these days.  The headlines tell us every day about tectonic shifts in our economic landscape.  We read about layoffs spiraling into the millions, major institutions crumbling, government bail-outs of unprecedented proportion.  Just … Continue reading

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