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Price-Shopping San Francisco’s Neighborhoods

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  San Francisco’s most expensive neighborhood?  In 2010, Pacific Heights beat out Sea Cliff by a long shot with a median price home costing a cool $3.5 million.  (And after witnessing the tsunami in Japan, people may be willing to … Continue reading

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Noe Valley Still Goin’ Down?

Back in May 2009, I showed that Noe Valley was not immune from the slump in prices affecting the rest of the city, despite suggestions to the contrary from real estate agents, mavens and media. Have things gotten any better?  … Continue reading

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TICs, San Francisco’s Involuntary Reflex — Part 3: The Condo Premium Per Square Foot? Or not…

Last post, we determined that the current difference between the average (annual) price of a condo and that of a TIC is  $86,000, down from a high of $124,364 in 2006.  (That’s a 30%+ drop, by the way.)  Here’s the … Continue reading

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TICs, San Francisco’s Involuntary Reflex: Part 2 — The Data

There are weeks when I look through the new listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and it seems like there are more TICs for sale than condominiums.  Turns out, this just isn’t true.  Here’s a chart showing relative sales … Continue reading

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Noe Valley By the Foot

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had several questions about per square foot prices recently.  There’s no doubt that it’s a very useful metric, for the obvious reason that it allows you to get closer to an “apples … Continue reading

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Homes vs. Condominiums: How much extra do you pay?

Recently, I blogged about the fact that condominiums seemed to be holding up better than single family homes in terms of their decline from their all-time highs. At the same time, I noted that there was only about $100,000 difference … Continue reading

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Surprise! Condos are Holding Up Better Than Homes

For the quarter century (gulp!) that I’ve been involved in real estate, the conventional wisdom has always been that condo values generally do worse in down markets than homes.  Why?  To be honest, I’m not sure, but I think it’s … Continue reading

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Cole and Noe Valley Go Head to Head

It seems only fitting that since my last few posts have focused on Cole Valley and Noe Valley, we should take a look at them head to head. Since Cole Valley has relatively few monthly sales, I’ve compared median values … Continue reading

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Focus on Cole Valley

Noe Valley has its 24th Street shops and cutesy cafés. Cole Valley has, well, its Cole Street shops and cutesy cafés. The two neighborhoods have been engaged in a friendly battle for the hearts of San Francisco homeowners for as … Continue reading

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Noe Valley Postscript: Median Price Chart

I’ve been having an interesting discussion with a regular reader of theFrontsteps, where I first posted my chart on Noe Valley Percentage Change from All-Time High.  He disputes the fact that Noe Valley has fallen by 30% from its all-time … Continue reading

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