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With Facebook Not Looking So Good, Is the Bloom Off the Rose in San Francisco’s Residential Home Market

My wife likes to remind me that I always seem to think that the stock market is heading down.  Though I don’t generally think of myself as a half empty kind of guy, there may be some truth to the … Continue reading

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Social Media Boom Fuels San Francisco’s Rental and Home Sales Market

Hard on the heels of my last post that covered sky-rocketing home prices and rents comes yesterday’s front-page New York Times article on how San Francisco is at the epicenter of the new social networking/media boom. Did you like this? Share … Continue reading

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San Francisco Housing and Rental Markets: Choose a Rock or a Hard Place

The San Francisco Association of Realtors, of which I am a member, just came out with its Market_Focus_Report for May_2012 (click to open).  If you’re a seller or landlord, the news is great:  home prices and rents are up, up, up. … Continue reading

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Listed to Luxe in Under 30 Days

San Francisco’s Luxury Home Market Doing Very Well, Thank You Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where It’s Due

In my opinion, most real estate brokerage companies’ and their agents’ websites/blogs don’t provide a lot of useful market information.  And that’s being polite.  There are some exceptions, however, and one is Paragon Real Estate Group. Did you like this? … Continue reading

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The 2011 San Francisco Residential Wrap-Up: Things Are (Are Not) Looking Up

    Where do you think the market went in 2011?  Come on.  Take a guess.  If you believe my own SF Association of Realtors “stronger affordability conditions, a lower cost of owning versus renting, and declining foreclosures, continue to … Continue reading

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Noe Valley Comes Roaring Back

While single family home prices for San Francisco as a whole can’t seem to recover beyond being around 18% down from their all-time highs, Noe Valley home prices have come roaring back since the start of the year. The three … Continue reading

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Commonwealth: Anything But Common

In  Ratatouille, Anton Ego, the long-nosed and terminally jaded restaurant critic, sits down to his meal at Gusteau’s and, rather than ordering anything off the menu, says to his waiter:  “Surprise me.”  When Ego takes his first bite of the … Continue reading

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That Rare Thing: A San Francisco Demolition

Listed at $885,000 in November 2008,  this little Noe Valley fixer at 4209 24th Street sold for $896,000 in 31 days. Two and half years later, the owners finally got their demolition permit.  It only took a few hours for … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Best Schools

Before curb appeal; before “walk-score” and commute; and way before closet space and water pressure, there’s the school.  For people with kids in tow or on the way, the primary determinant of where they want to live, right after what … Continue reading

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