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Is Buying a House a Good Investment?

Among the scions of the real estate industry presenting at the Fisher Conference (see my previous post) was none other than Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist and Vice President of Freddie Mac.  He had a doozy of a slide set.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Ken Rosen Says “Buy Now”

Just back from the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic’s semi-annual symposium on all things real estate.  (FCREUE is the real estate department within UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School.) Ken Rosen is the Center’s oft-quoted co-chair and quietly … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup Revisited: What Shape Will the Recovery Take?

Back in the still-uncertain days of September 09, every market pundit had his or her own letter for what shape the recovery would take. I blogged about Ben Bernanke‘s “U,” Liz Ann Sonders‘ “V,” and Nouriel Roubini‘s “W” here. Though … Continue reading

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What’s Better than One New Home-Buyer Tax Credit? Two.

As if one new home buyer tax credit weren’t enough, the State of California recently re-enacted and extended the scope of its own version, originally passed in 2009.   As a result, some California buyers can take advantage of both … Continue reading

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Hanger Steak

And now for something completely different. What’s even closer to my heart than real estate?  Food. A hanger steak is a cut of beef steak which is said to “hang” from the diaphragm of the steer.[ That’s a meaty description. … Continue reading

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Case-Shiller Sounds a Cautiously Positive Note

Last week, Case-Shiller released January data for its closely watched national housing index.  Nationally, things are looking up – well, make that flat.  And that’s good news. In the wonderfully backward language of the report, the index’s year over year … Continue reading

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Noe Valley: The Condo/TIC market

At long last, here’s the promised data on Noe Valley condos and TIC’s. First, a look back (in anger?) at the make-up of Noe Valley sales in 2009. Note that there were more than twice as many condos sold as … Continue reading

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