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Measuring by the Foot: Does it Make a Difference?

Several readers and clients have asked me recently about price per square foot metrics.  Certainly, if you’re trying to figure out how much a home is worth, it helps to get a sense of value by knowing what houses (or … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Other Sheep To Drop… Or Not

Does anyone really know what’s going on?  Despite the gloom and doom of my recent posts (Waiting for the Other Sheep to Drop, Alphabet Soup:  What Shape will the Recovery Take?), the latest publication of the Conference Board’s Leading Economic … Continue reading

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Waiting for The Other Sheep To Drop

I really couldn’t find a suitable graphic for a falling shoe…. Thanks to my reader JC for pointing out the San Francisco Chronicle’s September 21 article on the $30 billion or so in “option ARMS”  that are going to reset, … Continue reading

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Focus on Noe Valley

It’s been a few months since I took a look at my own stompin’ ground, Noe Valley, and how prices have been doing compared to the city as a whole.  We dispensed with the notion that Noe Valley was somehow … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup: What Shape Will the Recovery Take?

On the anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ demise and the near-collapse of global markets, it seems appropriate to take a step back from our little corner of heaven for a wider view. Given where we were a year ago, the world … Continue reading

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Beautiful Wreck: 587 Jersey, Noe Valley

Walking my dog, yesterday afternoon and I was brought up short by this beautiful wreck around the corner from where we live. Light and shadow from the rafters seemed to make the windows glow like cardboard cut-outs. Here’s the scoop:  … Continue reading

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Update on What $2.1 Million Buys in Noe Valley — (now it’s under $2 million)

Back in February I posted about two $2.1 million homes offered for sale in my ‘hood. 731 Douglass had 3,000 square feet of good, livable space and the sorts of finishes and flourishes  you’d expect.  But it had no back … Continue reading

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